The Offbeat Adventuress

“Are you okay?” My friend asked.

I knew this crude type of emotional vertigo well. The tightness in my chest, as if my heart was about to be sucked out of my body through a straw, coupled with the  sudden sensation that gravity was inadequate and no matter how hard I clawed with my fingernails and dug in with my heels I was about to slip off the face of the earth easily as a fried egg off of a greased pan.

This again. I thought I’d left this on the other side of the Atlantic. Yet here, with the hills of Lugano bursting into an early spring riot of color as my backdrop, I was about to have my first and only panic and  attack since moving to Switzerland. It was the day before Easter, 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 17.31.27

Were scenic lakeside strolls my new anxiety trigger? Talk about first world problems…

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