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As you may know, I like galleries not for the things in them but instead for the interesting photographic opportunities that present itself. Sort of street photography, but in an enclosed environment. The space restrictions can sometimes be freeing, similar to what I imagine writing a Fugue would be like; the resulting straightjackets are useful for creativity. Being boxed-in of course also mean an unique interaction between architecture and the fluid flow of people that is fascinating, a dialogue between where the architect want you to go and the unyielding nature of humanity going where it wants to… story of twenty sixte…

31193618923_64d445ef04_k.jpg Connections

My favourite picture of 2016, I won’t say more about it, just repeating a very nice comment on Flickr that it is “Emblematic of the year ahead – sometimes rushing, sometimes still and reflective; babies, couples, singles; feelings of blues, of reds – there…

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