Gabriela Lupu, a Romanian photographer living and working in Paris, France, is the food blogger behind Cooking Without Limits and shares practical advice on the art and business of food photography. Here are five tips from Gabriela on taking photos of your dishes.

1. Do the dance around your dish.

It’s all about angles. So, move around the plate! Shift up and down and to the side. Tip-toe, crouch, step back, and get close. Capture the dish from many vantage points, then select your favorite take later.

Zooming in very close on your subject can help show detail and create interest, and most modern point-and-shoots have a decent “macro” mode, right out of the box. Try to create interesting angles, either by getting very close to your subject, in a three-quarter angle, or by shooting from the absolute top-down. Some plates of food look better from above, or from…

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