INFJoe is the cartoon persona of artist Aaron Caycedo-Kimura. Stuck in a creative rut in 2012, Aaron developed INFJoe and discovered a receptive community of fellow introverts. He’s been sharing funny, insightful, and empowering cartoons on his blog ever since. His new book, Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life, celebrates life as an introvert and offers tips on navigating a noisy, people-filled world.

You began posting on INFJoe Cartoons in January 2013. Why did you start this site? How has your focus or style evolved since then?

I started INFJoe Cartoons to encourage fellow INFJs (my Myers-Briggs personality type). As an artist, I thought drawing comics would be a fun way to do that. Growing up as an INFJ was extremely difficult for me. Among other things, INFJs are deeply emotional, highly sensitive, empathetic, and introverted, and they often find themselves feeling odd or out…

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