For the Wynn

GoodMorrow ChethamsLibraryJohn Donne’s Poems, edition of 1633, from Chetham’s Library

There must have been many people who have come across this line from John Donne’s seventeenth-century poem and wondered who the Seven Sleepers might have been – or why the poet might have snorted there.  The second question has a quick answer: it simply means ‘snored’.  But who were the Seven Sleepers?

In June last year, I wrote a post about what was known about Syria in the Anglo-Saxon church.  As I wrote in that post, my interest in this subject arose early in my PhD, when I wrote a brief piece for my supervisor that ultimately never made it into my thesis.  This included a bit of work on the Seven Sleepers, which I originally planned to include in the Syria post; however, that one ended up getting somewhat longer than I planned.  So maybe it’s time the Sleepers…

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