Researchers in the world

A researcher in Bolivia in the world’s highest monitoring station.

Our journey led us through La Paz. The city is impressive in size and organization. Literally, it steps over mountains and makes a frontal assault of cliffs. The funiculars joining the different parts of the city like aerial metros help to be aware of its strange geography. This amazing city deserves at least one superlative. It is the city with the highest seat of the government of the world (note that I do not say capital).

Let’s gain height.

But what interests us in this article is situated a few kilometers from the city. On the Mount Chacaltaya, you can find, at 5240 meters of altitude, the Chacaltaya observatory. There is the world’s highest monitoring station: the Chacaltaya GAW Station. It measures continuously in the air the temperature, the gases concentrations as well as the aerosols physical and chemical properties…

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