Fantasy artist and illustrator Shaima Islam, based in Scarborough, Canada, works in a range of media like colored pencils, microns, and watercolors. Inspired by the gothic and the strange, Shaima’s drawings are dark yet whimsical, introducing us to fantastic worlds. Here’s a sampling of her imaginative scenes and portraits.

“The Traveler and His Companion.” Colored pencils and markers on paper, 8×10″, 2017.

Gilbert Blythe, a character from Anne of Green Gables. Markers and microns on paper, 7×11″, 2017.

Notebook sketches in progress, inspired by drama series Grantchester, 2017.

“Breakfast of Champions.” Colored pencils micron on paper, 10×13″, 2016.

“The Passing Storm.” Microns, 5×7″, 2016.

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