Giddy Up America

On Tuesday night we get our first airing of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer this Christmas season. Lucky you if you own it and have gotten a jump on the rest of us. It’ll be the first time I’ve watched it this year, but I’m going to be honest, with each viewing I find myself more and more confused by the beloved holiday classic. I try to keep my comments to myself because quite frankly, My Darling Wife would sometimes prefer it that way, but even at my most polite and supportive, I can’t help myself. The movie has some issues and while the issues aren’t as disturbing as those in another holiday classic Home Alone, there are still enough there to be considered somewhat troubling.

If for some reason you’ve never seen the movie or it’s been ages since you have, let me quickly refresh you.

Two reindeer…

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