In 2016, I lost my beloved soulmate cat, Oliver, when he was only 7. It was sudden and devastating, as Oliver had seen me through many hard transitions in my life and I wasn’t prepared to lose my constant companion. After that, I said I wouldn’t adopt again as I didn’t want to let myself get that attached to another innocent animal. My downfall, however, came when my friend Danielle adopted two cats from Happy Homes Animal Rescue in New Jersey. I started following their Instagram account, and pretty quickly fell in love with a one-eyed white Persian.


I’ve always had a thing for one-eyed cats, and here was one literally staring me in the face! Minerva (or “Poppy,” as she was named then) had been rescued from the streets of Cairo, Egypt by an incredible man named Ahmed. She was motherless and so small, so he took her in…

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