When Baltimore area detectives found an unauthorized magnetic GPS tracker attached to a suspect’s Jeep, the discovery unraveled a web of nefarious police activity.

For the BBC, Jessica Lussenhop reconstructs the events to narrate how Baltimore’s celebrated Gun Trace Task Force entered houses without warrants to steal cash and jewelry, planted evidence, resold confiscated drugs and framed the innocent. Praised for confiscating guns and making arrests, many of the Task Force’s cases got dropped because the team violated citizens’ constitutional rights. When they finally got charged for their criminal activity, many innocent people were protected from retaliation, but there was no denying that the same system that always seemed to fail the citizens of Baltimore had failed them once again. This was an especially egregious violation after the 2015 death of 25-year old Freddie Gray while in police custody. As one victim said of the trial, “It ain’t over…

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