“So where d’you wanna go,

How much you wanna risk?”

– Something Just Like This, Coldplay

IMG_0600 Ely Cathedral: Straight out of Middle Earth

What would life be like, were I to be blind and deprived of my sense of sight? I grew up reading in the middle of the night by the moonlight, which might explain why I started wearing glasses at a rather young age. Nonetheless, I am thankful that I am still able to visually appreciate the sites and sights that lay before me in my travels, and to bring them home through photography.

Allow me to take you to three different continents with out of this world sights and sites in this post. We shall begin with somewhere a little closer to (my current) home: Ely, here in England. When my best friend visited me just before my PhD viva, we decided to do a brief daytrip…

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