Do you love your Warby Parker glasses? Do you love how you never had to leave the house to find the right style of frames for your face? I do, and I actually love leaving the house. At Inc., Tom Foster examines how the direct to consumer (or DTC) movement started, and talks with some of the entrepreneurs trying to tap the market.

Many new DTC startups are hatched by digital natives at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, which educated such innovators as Elon Musk and Warby Parker’s co-founders. The list of product categories that entrepreneurs are trying to give the Warby Parker treatment is enormous: bras, sofas, napkins, and razors. Like everything in the capitalist jungle, not all of these companies will survive. But the ones who become the next Warby Parker, now worth $1.75 billion, could become tomorrow’s legends at Wharton.

The appeal of…

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